Fredy Kosman


Fredy Kosman started dancing in 2005 and began teaching and choreographing professionally in 2008. He has conducted masterclasses and workshops all over the world, such as in Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, China and Southeast Asia.


My Story

He was also a part of the Urban Dance Camp (UDC) faculty in 2013, 2014 & 2016, and was the Head Choreographer of MediaCorp's countdown show "Let's Celebrate 2018".

Fredy enjoys tapping on students' individuality, allowing them to elevate their dance to a level of confidence and professionalism by pushing them to have better body awareness, coordination, precision and strength.

Fredy Teaches

  • - Street Jazz 1 every Tuesday at 7pm (YMCA branch)
  • - Street Jazz Course (8-week) (YMCA branch)

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