Haruka Chan


Haruka Chan started learning Ballet at the age of 3 and Chinese Dance at the age of 9. She continued her dance training for 4 years at School Of The Arts, Singapore from 2014 to 2017, where she focused on both Ballet and Contemporary Dance training. Haruka further pursued her dance training at the New Zealand School Of Dance (NZSD) for 2 years, majoring in Contemporary Dance. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was unable to complete her final year at NZSD and returned to Singapore where she joined T.H.E Dance Company in January 2021.


My Story

Haruka believes that dance is an art form that is as alive as the people who indulge in it. Therefore, there is always room for change and transformation within this unique and beautiful movement language. Looking for new ways to innovate movements has always been something she’s passionate about. In class, simply moving freely to music is one of the joys of dancing that she wishes to share with everyone.

Haruka Teaches

  • - Contemporary 1 every Friday at 8.30pm (Kembangan branch)

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