Open Classes

At One Dance Asia, all open classes are framed with a clear focus, helping learners to build a variety of sound techniques through thorough warm up, specific exercises and movement combinations/choreography for application. It is a safe, friendly and most of all, a fun space to grow!






Our Courses


A specially designed course to equip students in the basic foundations of dance, whether you’re new to dance, or not! Our 8-week FTC provides detailed emphasis on body alignment, muscle awareness and strength-building. Develop a strong foundation to kickstart your journey in dance!


Take a closer look at your turns, jumps or floor work technique in PTC! In each of this 8-week course, you will experience and train your understanding and ability to perform the common turns, jumps or floor work often used in choreography.


Suitable for absolute beginners in dance, or dancers new to the genre, this 8-week course focuses on strength-building, musicality, rhythm and precision in execution. Come enhance your confidence and performance quality with us!


With a long history starting in the 1920s, Broadway Jazz is a genre that fuses elements of Ballet, Modern and Jazz in a playful story-telling manner.


Online bookings open weekly, on Saturdays at 9am. We only accept payment via PayNow/Paylah. We do not accept payment over at our counter.

No. Open classes are enrolled on a weekly basis, so there is no long-term commitment.

Please email us at or drop us a DM on Instagram (@onedanceasia) with the relevant booking details.

No, we do not have a waitlist. However you may look out for postings on instructors’ and/or students’ IG stories for those who are selling their slots!

Our Absolute Beginners (AB) open classes are catered for those with zero dance background and would like to give dance a try. Classes are taught at a slow pace with attention to basics and foundation. Alternatively we have 8-week Foundation Technique Courses on weekends for those who prefer a structured syllabus over a fixed period.

You may wear anything that does not restrict movement. The general outfit here is T-shirt/tank top with leggings/pants.
Shoes are not allowed in our premises. You may wear socks or foot thongs.

Our classes start off with 15-20mins of dynamic warm up, followed by 10-15mins of technique exercises/short combinations. These will help you to ease into the last part of the class which is focused on choreography.

Lyrical classes are generally more emotive, and movements connect strongly to the lyrics of the song.

Contemporary classes have movements that are constantly evolving based off a fusion of different dance genres. They also have a wider range of song choices.

Street Jazz classes combine the technical demand of Jazz with strong performance quality and musicality.

Not at the moment! Classes are all singularly priced at S$15.

Unfortunately we do not allow cancellations/refunds/transfers for any reason, unless due to Covid+ results or long-term medical issues accompanied by a doctor’s letter (pls email them to You may sell the slot to someone else to take over!

YMCA Studio 1 - 12 pax

YMCA Studio 2 - 28 pax

YMCA Studio 9 - 28 pax

KEMBANGAN Studio 1 - 15 pax

* YMCA Branch:

1 Orchard Road, #01-01, Singapore 238824
Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut, Bencoolen

* Kembangan Branch:

19 Jalan Masjid, #01-01, Singapore 418945
Nearest MRT: Kembangan

* Absolute Beginners (AB) - catered to those with ZERO dance background and would like to give dance a try. Classes are taught at a slow pace with attention to basics and foundation.

* Level 1 - suitable for those with dance background (of any genre) and are comfortable with basic movement transitions and coordination. Also suitable for dancers who have taken a long break and would like to “restart their engines”!

* Level 2 - suitable for the more experienced dancers, or those who are comfortable in our level 1 classes and would like to move on to a higher level. Classes include more technical movements and are taught at a faster pace.

Our open classes have no age limit! Although our average age group is 18-25, we have dancers as young as 9 and we also have dancers in their 40s and 50s! As long as you have the interest and passion to dance, come and have fun!

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